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Infant Care Development Programme

At Huda Childcare, your cherished cute infants are treated by our caregivers like these were their own. Apart from the necessary qualifications required for infant learning and development, our infant caregivers are tuned towards the treatment of utmost care and gentle attention when interacting with infants. In the early years, your infants deserve all the support they can get to ensure they develop a healthy and secure attachment behaviour. Each infant caregiver is trained to undertake routine care (napping, feeding, diaper changing, bathing) for each infant alongside planning appropriate activities for them through the day.
Our Infant Care Development programme is based on general principles of the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) of ECDA for the holistic development of infants from the age of two months up to seventeen months. EYDF’s general principles delineates a framework of developmental milestones specific to the age of your infants in terms of months. Our learning and development programme is culturally and developmentally appropriate. Each infant’s progress through the developmental milestones is monitored and documented in terms of specific outcomes.

Infant caregivers encourage the infants to explore and discover the room’s safe spaces, guide them through daily baby-gym equipment routines and facilitate infants’ sensorial interactions with their attention-rousing educational toys.

On top of the regular feeds of milk which may also be mother’s milk stored and labeled per bottle, all infants are treated to regular healthy meals and snacks of nutritious cereals, porridge, baby fruit puree and appropriate sliced fruits throughout the day. Feeding, shower and rest routines are strictly observed alongside the regular change of diapers to ensure infants are maintained in optimum hygiene
and wellbeing.

And since each infant is unique, all of this takes place only after consulting with you the parents on whatever special concerns the Centre must note regarding your infant’s individual needs.

5 Pillars of Early Years Development Framework:

The Developing Child

The child is embraced as a whole person developing physically, intellectually, emotional, socially and culturally. Positive relationships and experiences with nurturing adults in the early years matter. Good nutrition, as well as safe, healthy and stimulating environments, have a positive impact on a child’s development.

The Intentional Programme

The programme, environment and curriculum are flexible to meet the needs of young children. The programme intentionally promotes children’s development through positive interactions and building warm and nurturing relationships. Materials and resources are safe, available and easily accessible to children.

The Professional Educarer

The Educarer is attuned and responsive to the needs of young children, and keenly aware of the different developmental stages and milestones. She engages in reflective practices and continues to develop her skills and knowledge in working with young children, families and the community.

The Involved Family

The family is an integral part of young children’s development. A shared and sustained partnership between the centre and the home draws on their respective strengths to ensure that children’s growth and developmental needs are addressed optimally. The partnership also contributes to the consistency and continuity of children’s care and development.

The Engaged Community

The partnership between home and centre is further enriched by linkages to the community. Educarers are aware of and can gain access to a range of community resources for young children’s learning and recreation. These resources can also be invited to the centre to enhance children’s health and learning.


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