A well-rounded preschool education for generations to come

At Huda Childcare, we believe that a truly holistic education understands that each child is a unique being deserving of recognition and nourishment of the individual’s cognitive, social, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual faculties. For the child to fully appreciate and act upon meaningful connections acquired in their discovery and interactions with the real world, our approach equips each child with the necessary academic knowledge, practical virtues and a life-long learning attitude that last beyond their early childhood years upon graduation from Huda Childcare.

Our Heritage in Education

Huda Childcare was founded in 2005 by its Chairman Mr Syed Abdul Rahman Altahir. Hailing from a family background with a heritage in education since the 1960s, the decision to establish a Childcare Centre to nourish future generations was a natural one.

His father, Syed Ibrahim Altahir, was a renowned local Islamic scholar and educator with an exceptional expertise in Arabic language and grammar, amidst various other disciplines. He had occupied executive teaching positions at Madrasah Aljunied for more than 20 years and was the Head Principal of Khairiah School at Still Road for more than 30 years. It seemed that the innovative spirit had always been in the blood when in 1960 Syed Ibrahim established Altahir Arabic Correspondence School in what would perhaps be considered the earliest distance learning programme within the country.

The school efficiently taught Arabic language studies to hundreds of students regionally,  Malaysia and Brunei via a direct mailbox letter correspondence system.

Presently under the guidance of its Chairman Mr Syed Abdul Rahman Altahir, all 3 branches of Huda Childcare are managed by the closely-knit family of his dedicated quality staff who had all attained qualifications and experience relevant to early childhood care and education.

Syed Abdul Rahman Altahir

Director of Huda Childcare Centre

Director’s Message

Welcome to Huda Childcare!

Being a parent myself, when my kids were younger, I observed how unconditional love and quality care in their early years was foundational to life-long learning and character development. I also realised that beyond mere academic excellence, to be responsible and beneficial individuals in life each unique child had to develop holistically within a positive and safe environment.

With my team of early childhood educators, over the years together we established Huda Childcare Centres and developed a curriculum which embraced the insatiable curiosity and joy of children. We regularly remind ourselves, and impress upon our teachers, the vital notion of responsibility and trust (Amanah), because ultimately these are the core values underpinning a healthy and productive early childhood education. Being mostly parents ourselves, we totally understand that you wish to entrust the care of your child or infant only to someone who takes a serious interest in the development and wellbeing of your child.

As the wise popular saying goes, it takes a village to teach a child. As such, active ongoing home-preschool partnerships as well as partnerships with community centres and cultural institutes constitute a significant part of our programmes. Our entire team at Huda Childcare warmly welcomes you to be part of the Happy Huda Family the moment you enroll your child with us!

Let me personally extend my appreciation to you for having taken the time to learn more about us and what we can offer you. We always value your feedback, and keenly look forward to seeing you and your children at our preschool soon.

Welcome to Huda Childcare !

It’s been close to eighteen (18) years that I’ve been in this industry from when I began as a preschool teacher to where I am now, Alhamdulilah. Aside from my primary role as Principal, I’m also an Associate Lecturer in one of the early childhood institutions.

In the past, I’ve worked in a few preschools that offered different curriculum approaches. These curriculum approaches include the Thematic approachProject approachPlay approachMontessori and Reggio Project. On top of the afore-mentioned, the children learnt the integrated way of learning where the six (6) learning domains such as Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Aesthetic and Creative Expression, Social and Emotional and Motor Skills Development are embedded in the curriculum. As value-added programs, the children learnt phonics, mother-tongue language, cookery and learning journeys beyond classroom teachings. To sum up, holistic learning for the children of our future.

A humble sharing that my portfolio covers guiding preschools attain SPARK (The Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework) where preschools closely employ best practices and the quality of the curriculum and teachers are stringently assessed.

My aspiration is to witness the team grow under my leadership, to continue providing unconditional love, quality care and best practices to the children in Huda Childcare Centre. Lev Vygotsky, a psychologist once said, “What a child can do today with assistance, he will be able to do himself tomorrow“. With the experiences and skill sets that I’ve gained being a curriculum leader, I believe that my team in Huda Childcare Centre is not only preparing your children for primary school but also life-long learning consequent to embarking on the new curriculum – The Creative Curriculum.

Mdm Aslizawati Aman

Mdm Aslizawati Aman

Principal Huda Childcare Centre Zone 1 Branch

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)

I am grateful to have built positive relationships with colleagues, children, parents and stakeholders throughout my leadership journey in the past and in Huda Childcare Centre too. I value constructive feedback from parents and sincerely look forward to work collaboratively with you for the benefit of our children, Insha Allah. 

 I welcome you to Huda Childcare Centre as a happy place for our little ones to develop good habits of life-long learning and growth skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Mdm Rafidah Yong Mohamed Nor

Mdm Rafidah Yong Mohamed Nor

Principal Huda Childcare Centre Zone 2 Branch

Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership 
Diploma in Pre-School Education-Teaching 

On this note, I look forward to partnering with you, our respectable parents for your child’s success.  Being a proactive leader, I will be integrating into classroom activities to ensure your child receives the best guidance from us.  Together with my team, we strive to set up your child to immeasurable success ahead. 

Welcome to Huda Childcare !

I am pleased to offer you insight into my journey as an educator. Right from the day when I decided to step into the early childhood industry in 2005, I have never looked back since.  

I gained my experience by managing my own childcare Centre for 12 years (abroad) after which I returned to Singapore to further myself as a teacher finally reaching the position of Principal at the prestigious Huda Childcare Centre.  It is an honour to lead a group of dedicated teachers at Zone 2 who strive to work together with parents to materialize our vision as a Centre of excellence and provide a creative and joyful learning journey for our future generation.

I am committed and aspire to provide the best to the community while serving my purpose as a Principal of Huda Childcare Centre.  I sincerely believe that with the commencement in Huda Childcare Centre, we have what it takes to change the future of your child positively.  I believe children and teachers always learn.  Learning takes place all the time and it covers all developmental domains.  I hope to guide both teachers and children on every process of learning so that they grow in confidence.  When teachers receive the right guidance and demonstrate enthusiasm, diligence and dedication, children will be the ones who enjoy most in learning. 

Apart from cultivating noble values and character education for the little ones under my care, the daily demands of being a Principal has allowed me to always develop my own self further with respect to communication, responsibility and organisational management. No doubt, dedication to this early childhood education service is rewarding in so many ways!

welcome you to Huda Childcare Centre as a happy place for our little ones to develop good habits of life-long learning and growth skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Welcome to Huda Childcare !

It has been a huge blessing to grow together with Huda childcare teacher, students and their parents since its founding days 15 years ago. Leveraging my experience in the corporate business, IT, and education sectors, my key focus has always been on building a lean organizational structure and dynamic quality curriculum resources for Huda Childcare Centers. To facilitate smooth and open communication channels with our parents and community stakeholders as well as within the school, I have always believed in tapping into the wonders of information Technology for us to stimulate more meaningful conversation with parents.

Most of my time at Huda Childcare revolves around implementing the vision and mission of Huda Childcare across all centers. For me, it is of utmost importance to me to be continuously updated on the most contemporary and relevant early childhood education methodologies and technology aids and tools. This ensures that we can implement the most effective means of education thus leaving no child unprepared for their later academic years.

Here at Huda childcare we respect the fact that each child is unique. As such, I always push for all our teachers to extend personalized and dedicated attention to student so that we intimately learn of the strengths and weaknesses of each child as they progress through the various milestones. This way, we can blend flexible teaching strategies into exciting play sessions that engage each child in the most organic manner possible.

Mdm Nora Abdul Manaf

Mdm Nora Abdul Manaf

Senior Principal Huda Childcare Centre

bachelor of science in Management Information Systems, Diploma in Pre-School Education (Leadership), Diploma in Pre-School Education (Teaching), Advanced Certificate in Early Years, Diploma in Computer Science

 I welcome you to Huda Childcare Centre as a happy place for our little ones to develop good habits of life-long learning and growth skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Mdm Sunariati Sonario

Mdm Sunariati Sonario

Principal Huda Childcare Centre / Zone 3 Branch

Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Early Childhood Care and Education,
Diploma in Pre-School Education (Leadership), Diploma in Pre-School Education (Teaching)

Welcome to Huda Childcare !

I started in this industry when I was only 18. Through the eyes and mind of an assistant teacher at that age and through the various teaching positions I have had up until my Principal role, I have had many opportunities to watch and learn how each child grows.

My aspiration is to serve the community while pursuing my dreams in the teaching profession. Almost a couple of decades since then, I have been leading a team of teachers and my advice to them had always been for us to seek out the best ways to inspire and educate our little ones.

The greatest sources of motivation for me are always the sincere words received from parents and children. They make each day special and unique for me. It deeply satisfies me to witness moments of success that accompany a child’s attainment of a particular developmental milestone.

I hope to impart my knowledge and share my experiences to inspire others and continue to love and care for those teachers and children who are under my supervision.

I always welcome constructive feedback and participation from you our dear parents in the course of coordinating our childcare and infant care programmes at Huda Childcare.


Huda Childcare Centre is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the provision of a well-rounded preschool education. We strive to instill in our children a deep love and respect for knowledge and learning, and an ethic of care and service to others.


We will realize our vision through:

  • appreciating and cultivating each child’s potentials in a safe, secure, loving environment, in which adults reflect exemplary character
  • not leaving any teachable moments unaccounted for
  • a healthy partnership with parents and the broader community
  • sustained reflection on and meticulous refinement of every aspect of the learning process, relative to standards of best practice

Six Learning Areas

Our holistic development programme offered at Huda Childcare covers these 6 learning domains:


 Language and Literacy is crucial to the development of young children’s thinking and learning. Language is about listening and speaking within a system that has its own rules and conventions while literacy involves reading and writing in order to understand print and convey meaning using print.

Children’s language and literacy development is facilitated by their experiences at home, in school and in the community. As they interact with people and objects, they construct their own knowledge and use language and concrete representations such as drawing and writing, to communicate what they know and have learnt.

Children need to use language not only to express their needs, feelings and thoughts but also to make sense of what adults want them to do. They need language to communicate with others in order to participate more fully in their society.

Huda Childcare’s trained teachers help our children meet these needs by providing them with the opportunities to extend and enrich their vocabulary and engage them in meaningful and purposeful conversation.

Through daily class discussions, class journals, worksheets, phonics exercises, reading sessions, show-and-tell activities and public speaking skits, children gradually develop their abilities to communicate effectively and confidently with others.


Numeracy is the ability to apply math concepts in all areas of life. Numeracy skills and concepts involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems, measuring, matching, sorting, noticing patterns, ordering, basic shapes and space, adding and subtracting numbers and so on.

In the “Numeracy” Learning Area, our Centre focuses on providing our children with many hands-on learning experiences so that they can construct their own understanding. When children have opportunities to manipulate concrete materials, they will notice relationships in numeracy, how they connect to one another and with other learning areas. Children are regularly given opportunities to communicate their ideas, clarify their thoughts and share their thinking about how they solve a problem or come up with a solution.

Since children’s thinking in the early years is naturally dominated by their perception or what their senses tell them, to prepare them for advanced numeracy concepts in  Primary School, educators at  Huda Childcare facilitate their learning and development of various abstract numeracy concepts via in-class opportunities to:


  • Explore and classify objects
  • Hear the sounds of the words representing the objects
  • Look at pictures of the objects
  • Recognise written words or symbols in their daily play experiences
  • Reflect and discuss their solutions in a guided manner when solving complex problems




    Aesthetics involves the love and pursuit of beauty as found in art and music and movement, and creates opportunities for the creative expression of emotions and ideas. Art and music and movement foster the development of the whole child including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains.

    As children at Huda Childcare respond through creative expressions and movement, they are motivated to communicate ideas from their imaginations, thoughts and feelings. Hence, the Centre provides them many opportunities to be engaged in art and music and movement.


    Some examples of activities conducted at the Centre in the learning area of Aesthetics and Creative expressions include:


    Children experiment with colours, lines, shapes and textures as they explore how to express themselves creatively through different art media, tools and techniques.



    Children explore dynamics, rhythm, pitch and tempo as they listen to a variety of music, sing songs of different genres and play musical instruments. They will be encouraged to express their ideas and feelings about the music they hear and songs they sing by talking about it, dramatizing it or through drawing, painting and movement activities planned by our Programmes.



    Children explore movement and space as they dramatise the songs and rhymes they sing or move freely with their body in response to the music they hear.


    Our “Discovery of the World” Learning area helps children develop an understanding of the world around them, providing the foundations for learning in science, history and geography. Children learn about the world they live in through engaging their senses to find out how things work, conducting investigations and manipulating.

    Through relevant termly field trips to locations of educational interest (e.g. Zoo, Jurong Bird Pak, Science Centre, Sentosa, Kids’ Amaze etc etc),  our children’s hands-on Discovery of the World results in acquisition of practical knowledge and relatable experiences which are based on a sense of wonder and joy of discovery.

    Children will have opportunities to:

    • Extend their natural curiosity
    • Discover things for themselves
    • Build on what they already know and understand
    • Come up with their own solutions and reasons for explanations
    • Cultivate a sense of care and appreciation for the environment

    Discovery of the World allows children to have ample opportunities to inquire about things and phenomena in the environment using the following skills:

    • Observing
    • Comparing
    • Classifying
    • Hypothesizing
    • Recording
    • Predicting
    • Reporting

    Social-emotional development is a child’s ability to understand the feelings of others, control their own feelings and behaviours and get along with peers. In order for children to attain the basic skills that they need such as cooperation, following directions, demonstrating self-control and paying attention, they must have social-emotional skills. Feelings of trust, confidence, pride, friendship, affection and humour are all a part of a child’s social-emotional development.

    A child’s positive relationship with trusting and caring adults is the key to successful emotional and social development as they learn to build positive relationships with others and make responsible decisions.


    At Huda Childcare, the social and emotional skills emphasized include:


    • Self-regulation
    • Positive self-concept (i.e. feel good about their own competence and characteristics)
    • Social awareness and cooperation
    • Relationship management
    • Responsible decision-making


    Huda Childcare has both indoor and outdoor playgrounds for our children to develop their motor skills and body coordination.

    Our programmes incorporate specific activities that help children express locomotor (e.g. walking, running, galloping, hopping etc.), non-locomotor (e.g. rocking, swaying, turning, pushing, pulling) and  manipulative (e.g. catching, kicking etc.) skills. Class activities such as drawing, writing and cutting assist in fine motor skills development.


    Motor skills are movements and actions of the muscles.

    Typically, they are categorised into two groups: Gross Motor skills and Fine Motor skills.


    Gross Motor skills involve the use of the large muscles involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs and torso during movement. Using these large muscles, children are able to perform the fundamental movement skills comprising locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills involved in actions such as running, crawling, swimming, etc.

    Locomotor skills – movement of the body in a horizontal or vertical direction from one place to another in a fluid coordinated way (leaping, skipping, jumping and crawling).

    Non-locomotor skills – movement of the body in the same place (balancing, bending, twisting, stretching, rising and sinking).


    Fine Motor skills are involved in smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, and the feet and toes. They participate in smaller actions such as picking up objects between the thumb and the finger, writing carefully and even blinking.

    With the tailored routines and activities planned in an age-appropriate manner, children at Huda Childcare will gradually develop sufficient physical coordination and body control skills required of them for their later years.   

    Our Approach

    Thematic Approach

    Our curriculum pedagogy is based on a thematic approach which integrates multi-sensory, multi-modal learning with play in a fun way which facilitates the child enjoying the discovery and relevance of themes, concepts, objects and people to their dynamic real-life environment. Much significant research shows that children learn substantially more from thematic, integrated teaching rather than the rigid traditional single-subject curriculum.

    Our approach encourages the child to actively construct their own knowledge base through hands-on interactive games and activities that engage their latent observation skills and external senses. The child then establishes meaningful connections and broadly learns the various aspects of the themes and activities structured for his exploratory journey. Finally, the fun and playful discovery ends with the child having acquired new skills and knowledge which the child will then be able to apply to new situations and real-life contexts.

    Integration within Learning Areas

    The thematic approach facilitates your child’s development via the core curriculum which is comprised of the 6 Learning Areas. To illustrate how an integrated thematic curriculum provides opportunities for stimulation and learning across the 6 Learning Areas, consider a simple example of how the theme of “tree” may be taught :

    In ‘Language and Literacy’ a storybook about a garden of trees will be read out to the child, in ‘Numeracy’ the child learns the concepts of numeral recognition and addition/subtraction by exploring the number of leaves and branches on a particular tree in a workbook, in ‘Aesthetics & Creative Expression’ the child may be asked to create his own craft version of a tree by cutting and colouring using paper leaves/ branches and cutting/pasting tools, and in ‘Discovery of the World’ and ‘Motor skills Development‘ a field trip to a garden may be arranged where, in addition to teaching basics of botany and ecology, everything that has been learnt in all the previous learning areas will be consolidated in an exploratory live manner, perhaps involving the child’s direct interaction with a tree and all its parts through games and play.

    By this point, once the child appreciates the value and benefits of trees to the community, a ‘Social and Emotional Development‘ lesson can impart the values of empathy, mutual cooperation and responsibility required in the ‘green’ conservation of our environment.

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    Depending on the age and specific needs of your child, we can offer the right age-appropriate programme. At Huda Childcare, we conduct the full range of infant care, child care, kindergarten and enrichment programmes.


    Please check out the most frequently asked questions we have compiled over the years from parents.

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