The Teaching Strategies’ (TS) “The Creative Curriculum for PreSchoolâ” (TCCP) features a variety of creative learning experiences from introductory overviews to advanced examinations of specific topics, designed to help teachers implement TCCP effectively. It projects exploration and discovery as a way of learning enabling children to develop confident, creative, critical-thinking skills. 

TCCP is based on thirty-eight objectives (Figure 1) for development and learning that are fully aligned to the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) and Nurturing Early Learners’ (NEL). 

The objectives are at the heart of the curriculum and is integrated into one comprehensive collection of resources making up the curriculum which offers project-based investigative hands-on exploration and discovery that engages early learners.

 Equipped with content and tools needed to encourage and support every type of learner while addressing all the important areas of learning TCCP makes lesson planning more efficient and streamlined. TCCP boasts 24/7 digital access to the curriculum facilitating teaching, child assessment and family engagement anywhere, anytime. This home-to-school connections makes for stronger and more efficient classroom instruction and supports two-way communication. Family –friendly curated multimedia playlists tied to classroom instruction through TCCP’s Digital Children’s Library is available to teachers within The Creative Curriculum Cloud as well as to families through the Teaching Strategies Family Mobile App.


It is said that a love for reading begins on the laps of children’s families. Families will have direct access to all of the digital books in the Teaching Strategies family mobile app. Teachers can share these digital books from the Digital Children’s Library with the families who can simply log in to enjoy these books with their children. 

Assessments where observations are captured “in the moment” using TCCP’s GOLD assessment automatically connects assessment data to daily instructional resources. 

TCCP’s various 24/7 digital access to the curriculum helps inform every aspect of teaching and includes predictors of school success in accordance to early learning standards.  

TCCP’s  Creative Curriculumâ Cloud’s detailed guidance helps build teacher skill confidence which is reinforced by ongoing professional development including online tutorials. he Creative Curriculumâ Cloud. Last but not least, the embedded coaching and microlearning support for teachers enables them to develop inspired developmentally appropriate whole-child learning experiences available in one spot.

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