Instilling a deep love and respect for knowledge and learning

Exploring the world through the minds, hearts and eyes of our little ones requires a comprehensive programme that makes active learning fun within a safe environment which stimulates all their senses. Our holistic curriculum was founded on the belief that each child is unique and whole, and thus proper nourishing and education must embrace all aspects of their developmental abilities.

With themes embedded across the 6 Learning Areas each reflecting a specific developmental aspect, a range of concepts, skills and values are taught to the child in an age-appropriate holistic manner. In addition, enrichment courses and character education are imparted on a daily basis with loving guidance by our dedicated teachers.

With your child’s best interest at heart, our programmes were specifically designed to plant the seeds of deep love and respect for knowledge and learning in their crucial early years.

Infant Care

For ages 2 months to 17 months, with a proper programme, well-trained infant educators and suitable educational toys and manipulatives, it is never too early to nourish our little infants. Established with close reference to the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) five guiding principles, our infant care programme seeks to develop infants’ basic cognitive, gross motor and socioemotional skills. Our safe baby-proof environment under continuous qualified infant caregiver supervision ensures that our infants feel secure and confident enough to explore, discover and ultimately develop healthy attachments and responsive behaviours.


For ages 18 months to 30 months, the Playgroup programme embraces and capitalizes upon the sense of increasing independence and self-confidence of toddlers by guiding them through free play and structured routine activities. The trained teachers will nurture positive relationships of trust in their toddler students so that child-initiated learning can unfold naturally as these toddlers develop new experiences. Active learning in Playgroup’s planned daily activities is facilitated primarily using their five senses, observation and direct interaction with the world around them.



For ages 3 and 4 years, we conduct Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 programmes, respectively.

In Nursery 1, a relationships-based approach by trained teachers facilitates the development of strong bonds with children. Leveraging the solid relationship of trust, children will learn relationship skills development and how to better regulate their selves as they negotiate regular social interactions and practise turn-taking with their peers. Imaginative dramatic play constitutes a part of fun indoor activities while gross motor skills development is cultivated with more outdoor learning adventures.

In Nursery 2, the flowering of (English, Malay and Arabic) language, multilingual literacy skills and concept knowledge represent a new focus of the developmental curriculum. Children are encouraged to express their imagination and creativity in problem-solving and inquiry exercises involving cause-and-effect relationships through planned activities such as simple scientific experiments. By the end of the year, our curriculum will have provided ample opportunities for children to learn how to be better communicators while numeracy lessons impart the relevance of numbers to real-life applications.



For ages 5 and 6 years, we conduct Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 programmes, respectively.

In Kindergarten 1, children will be able to benefit from the good character and learning attitudes cultivated in the preceding formative phase of early childhood. Their academic foundation involving the 6 learning domains are strengthened as they become more developed and ready for abstract and logical thought. Hands-on activities and field trips where practical applications of what they have learnt in classroom settings serve to cement an appreciation of the benefits and values of knowledge acquired in school.

In Kindergarten 2, the programme seeks to internalise self-confidence and self-reliance as life-long concepts crucial to children’s academic and moral success in later years. Children will conclude Kindergarten 2 with the realization of cognitive, socioemotional, moral and abstract thinking skills. Preparation for a smooth transition to Primary school or Madrasah is embedded within our Kindergarten curriculum with an emphasis on universal Islamic values.

Parent’s Testimonials

“We have enrolled our daughter in Huda Childcare since her playgroup years and we have seen how she has developed progressively in different aspects, namely social, emotional, and intellectual. We appreciate the forthcoming nature of the teachers and principal of Huda Childcare in our communication with them. We thank you for the great warmth and hospitality in interacting with us as well as the skills and values shared with our daughter and her friends in their early childhood years!”

- Muhammad Andi and Nurul Natasha, Parents of Nuha Maisarah (K1, 2021)

“It has been 2 yrs since Arya Natasha has been under the care of the teachers and staff of HUDA Childcare Centre. Alhamdulillah Arya learned so much in school. From developing social skills, motor skills as well as igniting her creativity in drawing and interest in reading. She loves going to school. She always tells me about her day with her teachers and friends. She gets excited when she talks about what she learned or did in school. The teachers and staff are also very helpful with any queries we have regarding Arya’s development. I’m sure Arya will continue to learn and grow well with HUDA Childcare Centre. Thank you everyone at HUDA for making Arya’s learning journey an enjoyable experience!”

- Naquiah Ridzuan, Mother of Arya Natasha

“I have 3 kids in HUDA, Sofea in K2, Rayna in N1, and Alfie in Infant-care. I have been with HUDA since 2016 and I chose to send my kids there even though I stay at Bukit Batok. The Teachers are very loving, kind and their school curriculum offers a holistic approach in preparing my child for Primary school.

I am very grateful for the Teachers as well as non-teaching staff for loving my children as their own. From the little things such as tying my girls’ hair to the big things like working together especially during COVID-19 period. I highly recommend the school and I trust the school will treat each child with all the love and care they deserve!”

- Fithri

“I made the right decision to send my daughter to HUDA. Headed by a passionate and committed principal and supported by likewise teachers. They are responsive to my requests and regularly follow up with my daughter’s progress. Her teachers have a very lovable and caring approach. Their daily activities are well organized despite the pandemic and a few weeks of HBL. Her teachers will definitely feedback to me and my husband on what she did in school whenever I meet them when dropping off or picking up my daughter. This helps me to be aware of my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses better.

My daughter shows good character and practices that she adapted from the childcare. She’s confident, eager to learn new things, and always look forward to school. She is also excited to show me the work she did in school every time they send back her activity books that have been completed. Keep up the passion and good work! “

- Diana Ridzuan

“I am Zara Sofia’s mum and I would like to give some feedback regarding Zara Sofia’s development for this year. Alhamdulillah I have seen that Zara Sofia has shown a lot of improvement academically, socially, and in communicating. It has been more frequent that she will share with me what happened in school or what she learned during lessons when I fetch her from school. To the extend, she will share and teach her little brother too.
Zara Sofia seems to love her Teacher Noor very much. She often shares with me how nice Teacher Noor is, what Teacher Noor taught her and what Teacher Noor helped her with. Zara Sofia is very comfortable having Teacher Noor as her teacher since she was in PG.
I hope that Teacher Noor will continue to follow up with Zara Sofia when she goes to N2 next year. Teacher Noor has been a great teacher towards Zara Sofia and has been a great part of Zara Sofia’s early education years. “

- Sally Mohd Salleh, Mother of Zara Sofia

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