Childcare FAQs

What is the ratio for childcare teachers and children?

Depending on the childcare level (i.e. whether playgroup or Nursery or Kindergarten) the Teacher to child ratio varies. However, since we make it a point for teachers to extend dedicated attention to each child, typically programme helpers will assist the teachers conduct the programme.

What is your childcare programme schedule for the day like?

The childcare programme consists of core curriculum learning areas and activities being taught from early morning until early afternoon immediately after breakfast. Subsequently, children will have their lunch and sufficient rest until 330pm. The second half of the day will include enrichment subjects and reinforcement classes for the day’s core curriculum to facilitate consolidation of the days’s lessons.

Of course, healthy refreshment and drinks are provided in between meals for the whole day. Nothing inculcates good education and behaviour in children more than a well-planned structure and disciplined healthy routines!

Do the children get to play outdoors?

Children do play at the indoor/outdoor playground and gym daily. Such play constitutes a key part of their motor skills development activity routines which are varied developmentally according to their specific class levels or age groups. Between different activities, the gym equipment and play areas are sanitized for children who will all take turns to play.

Teachers monitor children for safety during such activities and will also ensure that your children progress onto more intensive physical activities only after the preceding basic milestones are accomplished.

Healthy body, healthy mind!

Do your educarers feed the children?

With guidance from the teachers or programme helpers, the children are encouraged to feed themselves. This is part of the independence self-care routines which we try to inculcate within children at our Centre.

What is the menu like for children at the Centre?

Our daily menu is prepared and cooked fresh in-house by our certified chefs at the beginning of each day. Apart from the concerns of providing age-appropriate healthy food such as soft chewable fruit slices, fine porridge and properly sliced little chunks of chicken and fish, the menu is also refreshingly delicious and well-varied across the week. Seafood pasta and chicken rice etc. are just some examples.

Considering that our food preparation has been distinguished with a Platinum Award by Health Promotion Board (HPB) over consecutive years, our absolutely 100% Halal menu ensures that your infant enjoys wholesome food and meets their daily nutritional requirements for optimal growth and physical development.

Where are personal toiletries and bottles stored?

Drinking milk bottles are stored within a suitable temperature range of the refrigerator. All other personal toiletries such as diapers, ointment, medication, lotions etc. are kept in individually labelled storage shelves and baskets in the respective storage area.

Some parents either hand personal belongings for use in school directly to our teachers or they leave it in their school bags. We are fine with either method, as long as communication is available so that no item goes missing unnecessarily!

Where do children sleep at the Centre?

Children sleep on their personal cushy mattresses in an open common space within their classrooms. Children always sleep under the watchful eyes of their classroom teacher and/or programme helper.

The Centre sanitizes the mattresses regularly before and after use to ensure they remain hygienic for continuous, daily use.

What healthcare and emergency certifications do the educarers possess?

All educarers at our Centre are certified in First Aid and children CPR. Refresher courses are conducted for their compulsory attendance twice a year.

Can parents access the classrooms?

Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, we are complying with government and ECDA guidelines and advisories to the letter. As such, as for now, parents are not allowed access to classrooms in the Centre to ensure that social distancing and unnecessary contact with other children is maintained.

What is the mode of communication?

Parents may check their child‘s daily routines (i.e. meals, consumption patterns, diaper changes, nap schedule, health status etc.) upon arrival and dismissal where they will learn of all the routines registered and activities planned throughout the day.

To message the Principal and teachers directly, parents can use the Dibear app which is the digital medium for updates and communication with parents. Alternatively, parents can call the Centre phone line directly should there be any urgent concerns that require prompt attention.

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